Transport workers deserve special recognition on Worker’s Day

N3 Toll Concession (N3TC) extends its appreciation to all workers in the transport industry for keeping our economy and country moving forward.

“The role of our roads and transport industry in the sustainability and growth of the South African economy cannot be overestimated,” says Thania Dhoogra, N3TC’s operations manager. “Every worker in this industry is an important asset to our nation. Each one of them contributes to our daily lives. Without them our economy would grind to a halt, and our citizens would be left stranded and isolated, with little to no access to essential goods and services.”

South Africa is fortunate to have an extensive road network that links ports, airports and railways. It is considered to be the best road network on the continent, facilitating the movement of people and goods across borders to the benefit of the entire southern African region and beyond.

Transportation of goods and services in South Africa is heavily reliant on roads. It is estimated that up to 89% of freight relies on this mode of transport.

The N3 Toll Route connects Africa’s busiest port in Durban to South Africa’s economic heartland, Gauteng. More than three out of every five containers entering or leaving South Africa goes through the Durban port, making the N3 a vital corridor for freight transportation in both directions.

“Every day of the week, 24 hours a day, freight is being loaded, hauled and delivered across the country and the continent. These are physically demanding jobs, with some workers spending long and irregular hours hard at work to keep the wheels turning.

Next time when you drive behind a truck, or see a massive freightliner chugging along, or pass road maintenance and construction workers doing essential maintenance along the N3 Toll Route, please acknowledge their continuing efforts towards making all our lives more comfortable,” ends Ms Dhoogra.

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