Toll Tariffs

Tariffs are determined by the Minister of Transport in accordance with a predetermined, tendered formula, and are adjusted and gazetted on an annual basis (typically in March).

Four tariff groups are defined:

  • Class 1: Light Vehicles
  • Class 2: Heavy Vehicles (with 2 axles)
  • Class 3: Heavy Vehicles (with 3 or 4 axles)
  • Class 4: Heavy Vehicles (with 5 or more axles)

Toll tariffs from 1 March 2022

PLAZAClass 1Class 2Class 3Class 4
De Hoek R56,00 R86,00 R132,00 R189,00
Wilge R77,00 R133,00 R177,00 R251,00
Tugela East Ramp Plaza R51,00 R84,00 R125,00 R174,00
Tugela R82,00 R136,00 R214,00 R296,00
Bergville Ramp Plaza R25,00 R29,00 R53,00 R82,00
Mooi R58,00 R141,00 R197,00 R267,00
Mooi North Ramp Plaza R17,00 R42,00 R59,00 R80,00
Mooi South Ramp Plaza R40,00 R98,00 R138,00 R187,00
Mooi Treverton Ramp Plaza R17,00 R42,00 R59,00 R80,00
Mariann Hill R13,50 R24,00 R30,00 R47,00
Total cost:
(if travelling between Johannesburg and Durban and only using mainline):
R286,50 R520,00 R750,00 R1050,00


  • Mariannhill Toll Plaza falls outside of the N3 Toll Concession. It is provided here for information purposes only. The N3 Toll Route starts at Cedara in KwaZulu-Natal and ends at the Heidelberg South Interchange in Gauteng.
  • The tariffs above are explanatory and do not replace the  Government Gazette No. 45902 on adjusted toll tariffs as published on 11 February 2022.
  • Highlighted rows indicate Mainline Toll Plazas.

Calculation of toll tariffs

The N3 Toll Route has been divided into a number of sections. It should be noted that the toll plazas are not necessarily placed at the start or end of each of the toll sections. The different toll sections from Cedara to Heidelberg are:

  • Mooi toll section with ramp plazas at the town Mooi River
  • Tugela toll section with ramp plazas at the Tugela East and Bergville interchanges
  • Wilge toll section
  • De Hoek toll section

Accepted payment methods

  • Tags (electronic payment)
  • Cash
  • Mastercard and Visa cards
  • Garage cards

Debit Cards NOT accepted as a method of payment for any class of vehicle.

Diners Club, American Express and all other international cards are NOT accepted methods of payment for any class of vehicle.

Toll tariffs working for you

Toll tariffs collected on the N3 Toll Route are used to finance, build, upgrade, maintain and operate this portion of the N3 as defined in the concession contract between N3TC and SANRAL.

N3TC only derives its income from toll revenue. It does not receive government subsidies.

In addition to using the tariffs collected to ensure a high-quality road, improved road safety, reduced travelling distances and substantial savings on the running costs of vehicles, N3TC also spends a percentage of the income on socio-economic enterprise development projects.

As toll concessionaire, N3TC is committed to provide world-class road infrastructure and a pleasant driving experience to our users by limiting inconvenience and enhancing safety through its programme to regularly maintain, rehabilitate and upgrade the N3 Toll Route.