N3TC Photo Competition


  • Nature

Photography that displays natural elements such as plants/flowers, birds, insects, and/or close-ups of natural scenes and textures; captured in their natural environment. Human elements that enhance the story of the image, are allowed.

  • Wildlife

Animals living free and unrestrained on game farms, private game reserves and/or National Parks are considered to be wildlife. Human elements may NOT be present.

  • Landscapes

Photography that covers landscapes, panoramas, mountains, weather phenomena and/or farmlands. Human or manmade elements may be present.

  • Sports and Recreation

Involving unpredictable movement, this could include movement or action at a sporting event or festival, vehicles and/or recreational activities.

  • Monochrome

Any photograph that falls into the Nature, Wildlife, Landscape, Sports or Recreation categories, that is of a single colour – i.e. monochrome e.g. black and white, sepia, etc.

CLOSING DATE: Midnight on 30 September 2021

Online Entries only - please fill in and upload your entries below, one entry per photograph.

To enter more than one image, fill in the form and press ENTER, a success message will pop up. Refresh page, and repeat for 2nd and/or 3rd image.

The size of the image must be a MAXIMUM SIZE of 10Mb and a MINIMUM SIZE of 1Mb.

Please read/download the full Photo Competition Rules below:


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Here you will find information about beneficiaries linked to the N3TC Touching Lives project.
Please nominate one of these beneficiaries to receive the prize money as a donation on your behalf, should your entry be awarded one of the prizes.