N3TC ROUTE UPDATE – Emergency services, route patrols, traffic checkpoints and stringent law enforcement will be the order of the day on the N3 Toll Route this weekend.

N3 Toll Concession (N3TC) and its partners are geared for busy traffic conditions on the N3 Toll Route and high demands on their resources this Easter weekend.

“We are collaborating with our partners in law enforcement, emergency and medical services, road safety, liquor authorities, breakdown services and others to enhance our capacity to support road users and ensure their compliance with safety measures,” says Thania Dhoogra, operations manager of N3TC, the company managing the N3 highway between Cedara in KwaZulu-Natal and Heidelberg in Gauteng.

Medical services with intermediate and/or advanced life support units will be stationed at strategic points along the Route, whilst air ambulances will be on standby at their bases near the N3. Volunteers from various humanitarian groups will be available to assist at major crash scenes and provide post-crash care and support. N3TC’s incident management services will also base a dedicated scene safety vehicle at the top of Van Reenen’s Pass for the duration of the Easter weekend.

This year, an additional layer of risk, in the form of Covid-19 exposure, is added to the various challenges travellers and support personnel already face over peak traffic periods. “We appeal to all road users to remain vigilant whilst on holiday and not to relax their awareness. Please continue to carefully follow all healthcare advisories and protocols to keep yourself, you loved ones and those you interact with safe.”

Careful planning, patience and awareness, a positive mindset and defensive driving techniques all help to reduce road incidents and trauma.

Better informed road users have easier travel experiences as they can take preventative measures to navigate or avoid stressful situations such as poor weather conditions, unexpected road closures, major crashes, congestion and delays. Obtain advance and real-time travel information for the N3 Toll Route by contacting N3TC’s 24-hour helpline on 0800 63 43 57 or by following @N3Route on Twitter.

Road crashes cause tremendous physical, emotional and financial trauma which could be avoided by being alert and driving defensively. Human error and high-risk behaviour – including driver distraction and negligence, fatigue, excessive speeding, driving under the influence (of alcohol, drugs or medication) and not wearing a seat belt – remain some of the leading causes of carnage on the N3 Toll Route. “It is every driver’s responsibility to adjust his or her behaviour in order to avoid these negative behavioural patterns,” stresses Dhoogra.

No effort has been spared to maximise traffic accommodation and general safety

Emergency and law enforcement services will be on high alert from Thursday, 01 April through to Monday, 05 April.

At least two lanes will be open to traffic

Although the N3 Toll Route is currently being rehabilitated and upgraded to improve its road infrastructure along various sections of the route, construction teams have pulled out all stops to ensure that at least two traffic lanes will be available to in each direction accommodate traffic during the Easter weekend. However, road users should always remain alert and adhere to warning signs and signposted speed limits. Some construction areas may continue to be barricaded for safety purposes.

“Where required, only emergency remedial work will be performed during this long weekend,” reiterates Dhoogra.

Toll plazas operate at maximum capacity

All toll plazas will operate at maximum capacity, but congestion may be experienced at the height of peak periods, especially in a northbound direction (towards Gauteng) on Monday, 05 April 2021. Should it be required, the Roads Traffic Inspectorate may implement special measures to manage traffic flow in order to ease congestion and to improve general safety along the route.

Payment methods accepted  

For increased mobility and safety, electronic tags are highly recommended and accepted in all lanes at N3TC toll plazas.  Alternative accepted payment methods include credit cards, fleet cards, cash or petrol/garage cards. No payments with debit cards can be processed at any of the toll plazas in South Africa.

Expected peak traffic volumes on the N3 Toll Route

The grid below provides an overview of expected traffic volumes and peak conditions on the N3 Toll Route in a southbound direction (towards KwaZulu-Natal); and a northbound direction (towards Gauteng).


High peak flows of 2500 vehicles per hour towards KwaZulu-Natal are expected on Thursday, 01 April and Friday, 02 April; and up to 3500 vehicles per hour towards Gauteng on Monday, 05 April. If possible, road users are advised to plan travel times outside of high peak periods.

Obtain emergency assistance

Report problems or get help by contacting N3TC via its 24/7 Helpline: 0800 63 4357 or via Twitter: @N3Route.


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