Tag Payments

N3TC accepts the automated electronic Tag payment method at all its toll plazas (including ramp plazas) between Cedara and Heidelberg.

Tag payments allow toll fees to be collected in an automated manner with the aim to reduce traffic congestion and improve mobility in a safe, cashless and convenient way at toll plazas.

Vehicles fitted with Tags are identified by electronic readers placed in toll plaza lanes. On approach users will slow down, the system reads the Tag, and if the Tag is valid for payment, the boom rises. Transactions are automatically deducted from the vehicle owner’s preapproved and registered SANRAL account. A single Tag fitted in a vehicle can be used as payment method at various toll plazas situated along South Africa’s national toll routes.

How does Tag payment work on the N3 Toll Route?

As you pass through the orange Tag lane, your Tag emits a “beep” as soon as the Tag is “read” by the system. Equipment located in the lane recognises your registered Tag. Based on the number of axles on the vehicle, your vehicle class is identified and classed. Your SANRAL account is authenticated, and if valid for payment, the transaction is recorded. Fees are automatically deducted from your SANRAL account.

Details of your transactions (invoices and statements) are available online from SANRAL at www.sanral.co.za.

Where can I get a Tag?

Tag starter packs are obtainable from SANRAL Customer Service Centres and a selection of retail outlets in major centres.

What does a Tag cost?

A Tag costs R50.00 and this cost is credited to your Tag once your SANRAL account has been registered. Please ensure that you have sufficient funds in your SANRAL account to cover the toll fees charged at the N3TC toll plazas. Remember each Tag is assigned to a single vehicle licence plate number and vehicle class. It is also linked to a specific SANRAL account with the relevant vehicle details.