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Incident Management

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N3TC is continuously striving to improve the safety of road users travelling on the N3 Toll Route. However, in the unfortunate event of a crash occurring, it is essential that medical and rescue services are promptly notified; all activities are well co-ordinated; and the required protocols are adhered to.

This discipline consisting of well defined protocols is referred to as the Incident Management System (IMS). N3TC has developed the required IMS protocols along the Route with all stakeholders and is playing an ongoing role in supporting and assisting with the co-ordination of all services to ensure effective notification, response and co-ordination of medical and rescue activities between the Central Communication Centre, Emergency Medical Services, Fire and Rescue, Route Traffic Inspectorate, South African Police Services, heavy vehicle operators, towing operators, chemical spill clean-up companies and other service providers.

The N3TC IMS protocols not only includes for incident detection and notification to a regional Central Communication Centre but also manages the response by the emergency services to the scene of an incident, the on-scene management, scene rehabilitation as well as incident debriefing with all roleplayers.

N3TC also plays an active role in facilitating training to all emergency services personnel along the Route.

N3TC facilitated Dangerous Goods training to emergency services by the well known guru, Keith McMurray.

When you, as a road user, need to report an incident or need the services of the emergency services please do the following:

  • Dial N3TC's 24/7 Customer Careline Number: 0800 N3 HELP (0800 63 4357); and report the incident.
  • Please indicate your location by relaying the information on the blue Route Marker Board (RMB) nearest to the crash scene to the operator. Please look out for these boards, you will find them every 200 meters along the Route.
  • Please describe the scene to the operator; and he/she will dispatch the necessary emergency services to the scene.

The N3 Toll Route is exposed to the risk of snow and we have developed a Snow Incident Management protocol, which involves all the emergency services in the effected provinces, as well as Eskom and telecommunication service providers like Telkom, Vodacom, MTN and Cell C.