The N3 Toll Route

Live Route Info

4 hours ago
17h42 13/08 #N3CrashUpdate: N3-4 44.2 S #DurbanBound bet #MooiPlaza and Nottingham Road interchange 132. 1 Truck involved. The scene has been cleared . Please drive safe and take care.
5 hours ago
16h59 13/08 #N3Traffic: There are currently no reported incidents along the #N3TollRoute from Cedara Interchange 96 to Heidelberg Interchange 59. Thank you for driving safe. Kindly note that only authorized travels in terms of Covid-19 regulations is allowed.
5 hours ago
16h58 13/08 #N3Construction: between Nottingham Road & Tweedie.
#N3Construction along #VanReenenPass.
#N3Construction near Warden, and also between Roadside & #WilgePlaza. Please approach these areas with caution.
N3Route photo
5 hours ago
16h58 13/08 #N3Weather: Clear
conditions along the #N3TollRoute from Cedara to Heidelberg. Please drive safely and take care. #BuckleUp.

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