N3 Toll Route | Traffic Update | Wednesday, 28 December 2022 — Holiday makers start to make their way home

N3 Toll Route | Traffic Update | Wednesday, 28 December 2022 — Holiday makers start to make their way home.

N3 Toll Concession (N3TC) is already noticing an increase in traffic on the N3 Toll Route heading northbound (towards Gauteng). Traffic volumes are expected to continue to rise, with peak conditions (of between 1500 – 2000 vehicles per hour) expected from Saturday, 31 December to Tuesday, 03 January 2023.

Peak traffic volumes, combined with possible emergency situations, and prevailing weather and road conditions, may adversely impact travel experiences, and escalate the pressure on drivers and road traffic management resources.

On a busy national route, such as the N3 Toll Route, a single unforeseen incident (for example a vehicle breakdown, crash, fire, chemical spill or any other obstruction) may disrupt the flow of traffic, resulting in congestion and delays.

Road and traffic management
“Dedicated road incident management system (RIMS) teams have already been deployed along the N3 transport corridor. They will continue to remain on high alert over the next few days in order to quickly respond to emergencies, and mitigate against disruptions and secondary incidents that may occur,” explains Thania Dhoogra, operations manager of N3TC.

“Should it be deemed necessary, the Roads Traffic Inspectorate may implement special traffic control measures, especially in the vicinity of Van Reenen Pass or at a crash scene, to manage the flow of traffic and to improve general safety along the route.

Safety is a joint responsibility
Drivers and their passengers can also help to ensure their convenience, safety and mobility on the N3 Toll Route. Plan ahead, stay alert and informed, heed warnings, and be prepared for any eventuality, particularly when you’re traveling at peak times.”

Watch the weather
Most regions along the N3 Toll Route are prone to scattered thunderstorms, heavy rainfall, hailstorms, high winds and/or misty conditions.

“Please exercise extra caution when roads are wet and visibility is poor. Reduce your speed, turn your vehicle’s headlights on, increase your following distance and stay focussed on driving defensively for the sake of all road users ,” requests Ms Dhoogra.

“Always beware of the risk of losing control of your vehicle at high speed on wet roads, and watch out for flooded areas as well as debris that may have washed onto the road.”

Call for help
On the N3 Toll Route, verified, real-time traffic information and emergency assistance can be obtained from N3TC’s 24-hour helpline: 0800 63 43 57 or by following @N3Route on Twitter.


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