Road users encouraged to take precautionary steps to ensure their safety on highways

In the light of recent disruptive protests, incidents of criminality and attempts to obstruct the free flow of traffic on some of our country’s major transport networks, including the N3 Toll Route, N3 Toll Concession (N3TC) strongly advises road users to avoid night time travel, if at all possible.

“It is advisable to rather plan long distance trips during daylight hours,” says N3TC’s commercial manager, Con Roux.

Disruptive actions by protesters, mostly aimed at the trucking industry, are often opportunistic and unpredictable and mostly occur under the cover of darkness. It is also not limited to a specific area/location or route.

Check status of travel conditions before departure and during trips

N3TC recommends that all road users always verify current travel conditions prior to departure with the 24-hour N3TC Helpline on 0800 63 4357.

Report suspicious activity to the N3TC Helpline

Road users are also requested to report any suspicious activity on the N3 Toll Route to this same emergency number (0800 63 4357).

Such activity could amongst others include stationary vehicles and trucks, pedestrian activity, groups of people assembling near or on highways and objects being placed in the road.

Road users should be particularly vigilant along sections of the route where road works and lane restrictions may cause congestion or near informal settlements.

Safety is everyone’s concern

Although N3TC does not have law enforcement jurisdiction, its road incident management team works closely with law enforcement and emergency services agencies to ensure safety and the free flow of traffic along the N3 Toll Route.

“South Africa’s road network forms the backbone of our economy. All support to help us ensure that our roads remain as safe as possible are appreciated,” ends Roux.


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