N3TC Toll Route | Temp Road Closure | 7 8 9 March 2022

03 March 2022

TRAFFIC ALERT:           N3 TOLL ROUTE, KWAZULU-NATAL  TYPE:                                 TEMPORARY SOUTH- AND NORTHBOUND ROAD CLOSURE NEAR LIONS RIVER. TRAFFIC DISRUPTIONS AND DELAYS TO BE EXPECTED. AREA:                                N3 SECTION 4 AT KILOMETRE 17.4N AND 17.4S DATE:                                07 – 09 MARCH 2022   N3 Road users are warned to prepare for intermittent partial road closures and traffic disruptions…

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N3 Toll Route | Traffic Update | 21 December 2021

21 December 2021

 Road users are warned to plan for heavy traffic conditions on the N3 from Wednesday to Friday this week. On the N3 Toll Route, traffic volumes can quickly increase to over 2000 vehicles per hour during peak periods, which could lead to congestion and possible delays. N3 Toll Concession (N3TC) will continue to closely monitor…

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N3 Toll Route | December Route Update

13 December 2021

High number of single vehicle crashes on the N3 are directly linked to driver error. N3TC encourages all drivers to take the necessary steps to keep themselves and others safe on the road. Ahead of the December traffic peak season, N3 Toll Concession (N3TC), the company managing a 415-kilometre section of the N3 Toll Route…

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N3 Toll Route | Traffic Update | 04 Dec 2021 @ 09H30

04 December 2021

N3 Toll Route was fully reopened to traffic at Van Reenen and Tugela Plaza in the early hours of the morning. This follows the total closure of this part of the route as a result of an unlawful truck blockade which started before 05h00 yesterday morning and lasted throughout the day. “N3 Toll Concession (N3TC)…

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N3 Toll Route | Traffic Update | 03 Dec 2021 @ 18H35

03 December 2021

Recovery of the trucks blockading the N3 Toll Route has commenced following several arrests on the scene by the KwaZulu-Natal Provincial Police Service this afternoon. However, the N3 Toll Route at Van Reenen and the northbound lanes at Tugela Plaza will remain closed until the scene has been cleared and the area declared safe for…

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