N3 Toll Route | Weather Warning

Severe thunderstorms predicted
Wednesday, 11-12 October 2023

Difficult driving conditions may be experienced along parts of the N3 Toll Route in the Free State and KwaZulu-Natal as severe thunderstorms and heavy rainfall have been forecast for this afternoon and tomorrow. N3 Toll Concession (N3TC) appeals to road users to exercise extra caution and patience under these conditions. Please drive defensively, switch headlights on, increase following distances, and slow down. “Speed limits are set for ideal road conditions, not for poor weather and difficult driving conditions,” says N3TC’s operations manager, Thania Dhoogra.

Be prepared, plan ahead, stay informed, report problems or get emergency assistance by contacting the 24-hour N3 Helpline 0800 63 43 57 or by following @N3Route on X.


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