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15 June 2017


Clear conditions expected on N3 Toll Route ahead of Youth Day long weekend N3 Toll Concession (N3TC), the company managing the N3 Toll Route between Heidelberg in Gauteng and Cedara in KwaZulu-Natal, advised that traffic conditions along this transport corridor are currently normal. Traffic volumes are expected to increase later today as travellers begin their trips for the long weekend.

The current taxi protest action in Johannesburg and Pretoria is not affecting traffic on the N3 Toll Route.

No construction work will take place this long weekend, and only emergency maintenance work may be done if required.

According to weather forecasts, weather along the route will be clear with mild temperatures.

However, road users are advised to plan for peak conditions as increased traffic volumes may cause some delays. At peak times, traffic volumes can increase to well over 2000 vehicles per hour, placing an additional burden on travelers and traffic management resources.

“Please take every precaution to stay safe on the road and adhere to speed and following distances. Human error and reckless driving remain some of the main causes of crashes along the N3 Toll Route. The majority of crashes are caused by drivers losing control of their vehicles and rolling, head-tail collisions and/or vehicles leaving the road. Speed, aggressive driver behaviour and unroadworthy vehicles, causing tyre bursts or brake failures, play a part in all of these crashes,” says Con Roux, N3TC’s commercial manager.

“N3TC continuously strives to improve the safety of our road users. Our Route Patrol Service teams sweep the entire route regularly to clear hazards, safeguard crash scenes and provide assistance during adverse weather conditions or when road users require emergency roadside assistance. Any problems along the N3 Toll Route should immediately be reported to N3TC’s 24/7 emergency helpline on 0800 63 4357.

Expected peak traffic conditions

15 June – 18 June 2017

The grid below provides an overview of expected traffic volumes and peak conditions along the N3 Toll Route.

GREEN: Light to slight increase in volumes < 800 vehicles per hour (vph) in a particular peak direction

YELLOW: Busy traffic conditions with 800 – 1500 vehicles per hour (vph) in a particular peak direction

RED: Heavy (high) traffic volumes (with a slow-moving conditions) > 1500 vehicles per hour (vph) in a particular peak direction

SB: Southbound towards KwaZulu-Natal

NB: Northbound towards Gauteng