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N3TC regularly uses specialiasts to conduct studies determining the operating costs for heavy vehicles using the N3 Toll Route.

The purpose of these studies is to establish the overall cost differences of operating various classes of commercial vehicles over sections of the N3 Toll Route as compared to respective alternative routes.

The following procedure was used to ascertain the difference in operating costs for various classes of vehicles using the two routes:

  1. Distances, road surface roughness factors, speed limits and altitude profiles were obtained from highly accurate digital 3D maps that have been generated using aerial photography.
  2. The HTM Vehicle Performance programme was used to simulate the various categories of vehicles travelling over these routes and, in the process, calculate trip times, fuel consumption,,and pulling and braking power used.
  3. To calculate the overall cost of operation over the sections of route, this information was combined with the rig/vehicle purchase prices, depreciation, interest, insurance, drivers’ wages and overheads.


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